Anubis Barcelona New Even Glyco Gel 15/10 50ml

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Its keratolytic and revitalizing properties stimulate tissue renewal. It detoxifies the skin and because of its ability to retain water, soothes and hydrates.
Skin type:
Combination, oily and greasy. Dull looking skin, with blotchiness caused by photo-aging and dehydration. Skin that is congested due to pollution and stress.

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The fruit acids contained in this exfoliating fluid enable a constant, controlled and non-aggressive renewal of skin's outermost layers. This allows an important cellular renewal and a better penetration of the treatment active principles. It is especially indicated for thick and/or acneic skin, or as an anti-aging complement, as it makes the corneal layer thinner and reduces wrinkles. It is recommended as a complement to any other treatment cream, first applying the fluid until it is absorbed and then the cream. For all skin types, except sensitive skin. Preferably for night use.
More Information
Brand Anubis
Skin Care Product Type Rejuvenating & Softening
Skin Care Product Texture Gel
Skin Care Product Size 0 - 100 ml
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