Anubis Barcelona Sensitive Zul Moisturizer Cream 200ml

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Soothing and moisturizing cream. It intervenes by limiting the reactions associated with cutaneous hypersensitivity, calming and protecting the skin. With moisturizing properties, it provides resistance and elasticity to the fabric. Contains sunscreen

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Acts by limiting skin-related hypersensitivity the reactions, soothing and protecting the skin. Its moisturising properties provide skin strength and suppleness. Contains sunscreen.
Skin Type:
Sensitive and delicate skin types that require extra care: very dry, reactive, with vascular disorders.
Citric Acids, Lactic Acid, Bisabolol, Guaiazulene, Collagen Peptides, Urea.
Alcohol free, Sulfate free, Paraffin free.
More Information
Brand Anubis
Skin Care Product Type Skin Treatment
Skin Care Product Texture Cream
Skin Care Product Size 101 - 250ml
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