D-Link NCB-FS09S-SC2 Single Mode Fiber Pigtails, 2 Meter

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  • Connector Type: SC / ST / FC / LC / MTRJ
  • Fiber Type: Single Mode
  • Cable Color: Yellow for Single Mode
  • Cable Jacket: PVC/LSZH

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D-Link offers quality pigtails which are single ended with connectors. D-Link pigtails come with good end face geometry, full standard optical specifications,
precise length and tolerances. The pre-polished pigtails give the quality, confidence and convenience to be installed and spliced in the field.
• Adopts high precision ceramic ferrule with good concentricity.
• Advanced termination facilities & process , deliver good geometry characteristics of apex offset & radius of curvature & fiber height.
• 100% inspected for optical characteristics & fiber end face finish
• Low insertion loss & return loss, clean and scratch-free end faces
• Good performance endurance under circumstances changing.
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