Mac Styler Hair removal And Trimming Machine For The Damaged hair

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Hair removal device and trim it effectively. Enjoy high performance accuracy. Does not affect the length or intensity of hair Treats pounding properly Chain fast and safe on hair device Easy to use Method of using hair shaver:
1. Wash hair well to get rid of oils. 
2. Select the knuckle to trim. 
3. Pass the device two to three times.
To use a curly hair, first comb your hair well so that no nodes remain in it, then place the slider on the Lock on to open the lock on the screen, then in the direction of swich, the desired side for the hair stomach Select and place a small part of the hair inside the device and press the lever to remove the hair from the ears. This device has a two-way swivel direction switch and must be positioned so that the device on that side moves . Always start from the root of hair and pause in the stem section.
The hair curler has a hair chamber that, after shaving the hair from the hair shaft, places it in that cavity, and after cleaning it can clean the compartment. The device works with rechargeable battery and power. The device has a two-base set height for cutting hair at 1.8 and 1.4 mm. A bag with a shoulder is provided with an anti-heat supply bag