Septona Sensitive Touch DUO Double Sided Cleansing Pack 80

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Use of cleansers is only possible with cotton and napkins. Various healthcare manufacturers have put up the pads that clean all cosmetics. The Septuna company has released this cosmetic pad, which will remove all contaminants and cosmetics from the device with two applications. Greek Septona company SeptonaToday, it is one of the largest healthcare manufacturers that exports its products around the world; Septona guarantees high-quality products using its new technology and reliance on skill. The pad is made up of two layers, which is different in both pink and white colors. Pink is suitable for removing all eye contaminants and white color to remove all contaminants and cosmetics from your skin. This pad is made of 100% cotton fiber and is the best option for sensitive skin. Septauna has a round makeup bag with the Sensetive Touch DUO model with 80 rounded pads for people who give their skin a high priority and people with sensitive skin.