Chicco Stunt Car - Purple

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Chicco Stunt Carsdesign: Donnie-Lila

Chicco’s stunt cars are pull-back cars that feature crazy stunts and amazing effects. The new fleet by Chicco brings many great and colourful pull-back cars into your little racer’s nursery.

These small collectible cars delight everyone with their cool stunts: wheelie, two-wheel race or the handbrake effect. The cars start their stunts with squealing tyres, drive on two wheels and impress and entertain everybody with their great effects.

The stunt cars are super easy to use: simply pull back the car and press the start button on the car’s roof and you are ready for the most exciting race.

Choose one or more of Chicco’s stunt cars and bring some fun into your little one’s nursery. The stunt cars are a great accessory for Chicco’s Garage + Racetrack Stop & Co.


  • Suitable for children at the age of 3 years and older
  • Available in various designs
  • 3 stunts: Wheelie (driving on the two rear wheels), handbrake effect (car twists), two-wheel race (ride on the two side wheels)
  • Pull back car and push start button to activate
  • Made in Italy