chicco Magic Stars Cot Mobile design: Rosa

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Chicco Magic Stars Cot Mobiledesign: Rosa

The Magic Stars Cot Mobile from the First Dreams collection by Chicco enchants your little one’s nursery into a magical place full of gentle lights and melodies. Thanks to its double projection images of stars and galaxies are projected onto the cot mobile and on the ceiling of your little one’s nursery which will delight and soothe your baby. Your little one will instantly fall in love with the simple geometric shapes as well as with the bright colours.

The game board with projector, the nightlight as well as a wide range of melodies that can be chosen will accompany your baby gently into the land of dreams. In case your little one wakes up and cries, the sound sensor automatically activates the rotation of the mobile which is then accompanied by the music and the night sky projection. With this amazing combination of wonderful effects and gentle melodies your baby will be soothed until you are by his side.

The rotating mobile, the melodies it plays and light effects it projects can be activated independently of each other – that way, they enable you to set various combinations that will provide a pleasant and captivating atmosphere over your little one’s cot.

You can choose between two music genres: classical music and New Age melodies. The melodies play 18 minutes, after that the playback switches automatically into a stand-by mode. Furthermore, you can set two volumes. Similar to the melodies that are played, the light effects operate for 18 minutes and will fascinate your little one immediately.

The mobile and night sky projector also feature an infrared remote control. That way, you can activate the game board as well as the mobile from a distance. Thereupon a fixed sequence of classical music and New Age melodies will be played.

Please note:

  • The mobile and night sky projector is intended only for attaching it firmly at the walls of baby cots and must not be used at travel cots with mesh-insert!
  • As soon as your sweetie is able to straighten himself or kneel down in his cot, you have to remove the overhead section of the mobile because it bears a risk of strangulation!
  • Batteries for the game board as well as for the infrared remote control are not included in delivery!

The plastic parts can be cleaned with a soft cloth because the game board must not be immersed into water! The hanging characters can be machine washed at 30°C in delicate cycle but they are not dryer-proof. Please protect this toy from heat, dust, sand, moisture and water!


  • Age recommendation: 0m+
  • Including a game board with projector, nightlight and a wide range of melodies as well as an overhead section that features hanging characters
  • The system of double projection projects images and galaxies onto the cot mobile and on the ceiling of your little one’s nursery
  • Automatic activation due to a sound sensor possible
  • Two music genres and two volumes can be chosen
  • Rotation, melodies and light effects can be activated independently of each other
  • Duration of playback of melodies and light effects: 18 minutes each