FE 7 Way Nail File Buffer And File, FEPIO46

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A 7 way nail file and buffer designed to help care for your nails with 7 easy steps.
Shape, Neaten, Even Out
Smooth, Buff, Polish & Shine

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Fe Nails and polisher nail care is designed to make you step by step detailed and perfect.
Product Benefits:
You can complete your maintenance by following the numbers on the product. 
1 - Used to shape the claw. 
2 - Used to finalize the shape of your fingernails with details. 
3 - It is used to clean any nails in your fingernails. 
4 - Used to smooth the nail surface. 
5 - It is used to flatten the remaining pieces on the nail surface. 
6 - It is used to clean the remaining residues on the nail. 
7 - Used to polish the nail surface.
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Brand FE
Brushes & Beauty Tools Type Nail Tools
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