La Roche Posay Pigmentclar UV SPF 30 Soin Corrector 40ml

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  • A skin tone correcting & protective day moisturizer
  • Formulated with powerful Pigmentclar complex to reduce the look of dark spots
  • Prevents pollutant particles from adhering to skin
  • Features an innovative filter system UVB SPF30-UVA PPD15 for protection
  • Infused with antioxidant Gingko & Ferulic Acid to combat free radical damage
  • Unveils a clearer & more radiant & even-toned complexion

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Suitable for all skin types , including sensitive skin, the corrective stabilizing Pigmentclar UV index 30 La Roche-Posay is a facial, neck and décolleté indicated in case of brown spots of hyperpigmentation and irregularity of the skin. complexion . 
Day after day, it preserves the epidermis of brown spots and cloudy complexion related to free radicals and the harmful effects of pollution, tobacco and UVA rays. 
With its formula enriched with gingko biloba extracts, this treatment benefits from strong antioxidant powers and effectively combats skin aging.. The gingkolide content of this ingredient makes it an active ingredient of choice to help cutaneous tissues fight and regenerate when there is a problem with brown spots, rosacea or redness. It is very effective by its soothing and regulating qualities . 
The presence of niacinamide also enhances the protective barrier function of the skin. This active ingredient (vitamin B3) makes it possible to limit irritations while improving the texture of the epidermis. It accelerates the healing process and is an interesting moisturizing active ingredient to fight skin dryness. In addition, it stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin and gives it the possibility to regain its elasticity. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent.
In addition, the ferulic acid contained in this cosmetic, has ultra-antioxidant characteristics that make it an extremely effective ingredient for fighting free radicals. This active ingredient is known to help protect the skin against damage caused by solar radiation and free radicals. 
Finally this treatment will bring you a visible and lasting skin embellishment while protecting you from the sun on a daily basis . The complexion will be clear, unified, the skin supple and relipidée.
Instantly, the complexion is more luminous.
Skin is protected for greater resistance against dark spots and complexion greying.
After 4 weeks, dark spots are significantly reduced* (-26.2%) for lastingly more uniform skin.
*Instrumental measurements on 40 women
Apply every morning on face, neckline or back of hands. Avoid the eye contour.
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Brand La Roche Posay
Skin Care Product Type Rejuvenating & Softening
Skin Care Product Size 0 - 100 ml
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