LG 1 TonSmart Inverter 12000 Btu Wall Mounted Air conditioner

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  • Inverter Compressor
  • Active Energy Control
  • Comfort Air

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General Specifications:
Cooling Capacity:3.52 kW, 12,000 Btu/h
Heating Capacity:3.52 kW, 12,000 Btu/h
Compressor Type:Single Rotary
Fan Type:Cross Flow Fan
Motor Output:30 W
Sound Pressure Level:
41 / 35 / 27 / 19 dB(A)+1
35 / 28 / 24 dB(A)+1
Fan Type:Propeller Fan
Motor Type:BLDC
Sound Pressure Level:
50 dB(A)+1
52 dB(A)+1
Air Flow Rate:27.0 ㎥/min
Max. Fuse Size:15 A
Piping:Ø 6.35 mm, Ø 9.52 mm
Drain Hose Size:28.0, 16.4 mm, 1.10, 0.65 in.
Cooling:1095 W
Heating:975 W
Cooling Running Current:5.00 A
Heating Running Current:4.70 A
Power Supply:220~240 Ø, V, Hz
Available Voltage Range:187 ~ 276 V
Power Factor:95.0%
Circuit Breaker:15 A
Power Supply to Unit:Outdoor
Moisture Removal:
Indoor Dimensions:837 mm X 189 mm x 302 mm
Indoor Weight:8.7 Kg, 10.9 Kg
Outdoor Dimensions:717 mm X 483 mm x 230 mm
Outdoor Weight:26.4 Kg, 28.2 Kg
Between Indoor & Outdoor:
Piping length:5.0 m
Max. Elevation Difference:7m
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Brand LG
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