Matrix Socolor Beauty 10N Light Yellow Hair Color 90 ml

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To refresh the natural color of hair, to give it a brighter and more saturated shade, or slightly to correct previously toned curls, it allows Colors Cink cream paint. A unique feature of the funds from the American company Matrix is ​​the lack of ammonia in its composition. This allows you to maintain the flawless beauty and shine of your hair, without damaging their structure. The new composition formula does not lead to excessive drying of the curls and does not cause their porosity. And the presence of a unique complex of ceramides helps to obtain a uniform shade over the entire length of the hair without settling the dyes in certain areas. Paint Matrix Color Sync without ammonia and is completely harmless, so it can be used quite often. Moreover, with every application of the product, the shade will become more vivid and deeper, and your hair will acquire vitality, elasticity, softness and smoothness. This is just an ideal product for restoring the brightness of the color of painted strands, their toning or coloring. Method of application: mix the paint with the activator in the correct proportion according to the insert-instruction. Apply the mixture to the hair (paying special attention to the roots) with a brush or comb and leave for 20-45 minutes. Then carefully wash off the cream paint with warm water, dry the hair with a towel and take advantage of the conditioner balm. Note: the Color Sync Hair Color Kit only includes a tube of paint, the Activator is purchased separately!
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