Milk Shake Color Specifics Instant Remover 250ml

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Overview concept milk_shake color specifics instant remover's soft cleansing active principle acts in an efficacious, yet gentle way, eliminating every possible stain of color from the skin. It leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and free from rashes. Milk proteins have a deep restoring and conditioning action on the hair structure inside the cortex while Aloe Vera juice has a calming, anti-irritant and soothing action on the skin, and makes the hair conditioned and soft. Conditioning and moisturizing agents condition the hair, making its fiber soft, bright and easy to comb.

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instant remover skin hair colour cleanser
Eliminates any colour residue from the skin. An efficient and delicate stain remover, it leaves the skin clean, soft and without any redness.
With milk proteins and aloe vera juice for a combined soothing, calming and hydrating action for the skin. 
For professional use only.
  • It has been developed to remove the paint residues in the skin after dyeing.
  • Active cleansing agents act gently on the skin.
  • Allows the paint to be wiped off without irritating the skin.
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Brand Milk Shake
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