Milk Shake Sun And More Absolute Bronze Tan Deepening Gel 200ml

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Gives absolute shine, leaving skin soft and velvety, with a glowing, long-lasting tan. It prepares the skin for sun exposure, stimulating melanin production. It enhances a natural tan, giving skin a golden glow. 

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It gives absolute shine leaving the skin soft and velvety for a radiant and lasting tan. Prepare the skin for sun exposure by stimulating the synthesis of melanin. It also amplifies the natural tan giving brightness to the skin for a golden and shining color. 
How to use: apply on the skin and massage until completely absorbed. Apply at least 15-20 minutes before exposure to the sun. It is recommended to use it in the days before exposure to the sun to prepare the skin for tanning and after sun exposure to prolong the tan. Warning: do not leave the product under the sun.
More Information
Brand Milk Shake
Skin Care Product Type Sunscreen & Tanning
Skin Care Product Texture Gel
Skin Care Product Size 101 - 250ml
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