Orofluido Hair Mask 250ml

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Orofluido Mask 250 ml is a complete beauty treatment for the hair. Orofluido Mask for thorough recovery and a beautiful shine.

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Orofluido has for years been the expert in hair oil and hair masks . Now Orofluido comes with a hair mask to take care of the hairs up to the points. Orofluido is the complete Mask for the hair. Orofluido Mask the product to provide the hair with all the comforts. Suitable for all hair types whether you have blonde, brown, curly or style hair. Provides a perfect moisture balance of the hair and restores the hair from the root. 
Orofluido Mask is so special product by the mix of 3 different natural oils; Argan Oil is liquid gold from the desert. This oil makes the hair strong and stays! Cyperus Oil provides protection against external threats. 
In addition, Orofluido Mask allows the hair to feel as soft as silk, gives a great boost, makes it flexible and reworkable allowing you to bring your hair into any desired model. This is all because of the help of the third oil, namely linseed oil. 
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