Sesderma Seskavel Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 200ml

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Their concentrated extracts of Sabal and wheat germ act as regulators and stabilizers, gives damaged, fatigued or normal hair shine and softness. It allows easy styling and reduces the electrostatic charge. One of its active ingredients, Sabal extract, is used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and endocrine agent, antiandrogenic. 
Indications: This is a unique shampoo which, due to its rich in vitamins, ceramides, keratins and amino acids content, nourishes the hair from the root, strengthen it and preventing its fall. How to use apply to the scalp and hair previously wet with warm water. Perform a light massage and rinse. Make a second wash. Leave the product two or three minutes to then rinse with plenty of water. Day after day their hair will be acquiring body, shine, brightness and volume.