Simple Use Depilatory Wax 400ml, Litzea

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Wax for depilation Litseya Depilation Wax Litzea - a transparent wax with the content of essential oils in the composition. Effectively removes hairs from the first time. A pleasant smell of essential oil of a litsey will cheer up and charge with energy for the whole day.
The day before the depilation is necessary to prepare the skin. Remove the stratum corneum with a scrub;
the day the skin should be dry and clean;
Preheat the wax;
Degrease the skin with a special care means before depilation, for example, gel before depilation Simple Use Beauty. This will allow the wax to capture more small hairs, but also reduce the risk of redness and irritation;
apply the wax on the skin in a thin even layer over the growth of the hair;
attach a paper strip on top and, ironing well, attach to wax;
after 1-2 minutes the wax will cool and harden. With one quick and sharp movement, remove the strip against the growth of the hair by pulling the edge of the paper strip;
wax residues can be removed with oil after depilation from Simple Use Beauty;
apply a soothing agent, for example, an emulsion after depilation. This will help to quickly remove the redness of the skin, as well as moisturize it after the procedure;
to visit the bath and sunbathe after the procedure is not recommended;
After a few days, use a scrub to prevent ingrown hairs;
Repeat the procedure after three weeks.
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