Vichy Deodorant Roll On Soothing Anti Perspirant Treatment 48 Hour

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A gentle formula, specially adapted for sensitive and depilated skin. 
The anti-perspirant active ingredients combined with soothing Proline Cutei give your skin 48-hour anti-perspiration efficacy and incredible tolerance.
48-hour deodorant and anti-perspirant efficacy.

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Vichy’s 24-hour Anti-perspirant Treatment – Sensitive or depilated skin deodorant efficiently controls perspiration for 24 hours. Its gentle roll-on formula specially designed for the armpits’ sensitive or depilated skin contains micro-activated anti-perspirant agents that target perspiration without irritating the skin.
This treatment deodorant contains two active ingredients:
Aluminum salt, an anti-perspirant agent that regulates perspiration.
Proline Cuteï, a soothing and anti-irritation agent.
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