Chicco Nature Glass Bottle Silicone (150 ml)

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  • Brand: Chicco
  • Comes with a valve that promotes regulation of positive pressure-flow
  • Silicon nipple makes sucking process easier
  • Designed with a broad teat base
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Transparent
  • BPA free, Non-toxic

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The Chicco Nature Glass Feeding Bottle is a miraculous product meticulously designed for your child’s hassle-free nourishment. This bottle has the ability to hold 150ml of liquid and is specifically designed for the sustenance of your child, without causing any unnecessary disturbance and irritation to your little angel. Created for children aged 6 months or older, this glass feeding bottle for babies by Chicco, is a marvellous feat of paediatric engineering with its elegant nipple, which is supple and gentle on the delicate tender gums and new teeth of a newborn.


Chicco is internationally recognised company for baby products, with over 60 years experience in providing quality paediatric products to adoring parents and their wonderful little angels.

Product Features

Like all other products in the well-being line, this bottle is made from transparent glass, is non-toxic and devoid of harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A [BPA], which may harm the growing child. The hypoallergenic, hygienic bottle maintains heat longer and has a capacity is 150 milliliters. Designed with a vent regulation valve that promotes seamless regulation of positive liquid pressure flow, The bottle also has a broad teat base and the sophisticated silicon nipple makes the sucking process easier for the child. As the flow of liquid is regulated there are no chances of the child getting choked and suffering from bouts of cough. The little one can easily swallow that amount of liquid in one go.

Be sure to buy the Chicco high insulation, extremely durable feeding bottle made from natural glass with a supple nipple made from silicone, for a pleasant tantrum-free feeding experience.

From the Manufacturer
Enjoyable and Safe Feeding Experience
The Chicco natural glass feeding bottle makes for a pleasant and enjoyable feeding experience for both you and your baby. Manufactured from natural glass, this completely transparent bottle comes with a high insulation capacity that helps in keeping the fluid hot for longer. Free from Bisphenol A (BPA), this feeding bottle for baby from the Wellbeing line of Chicco is safe for feeding even newborns. The contour of the bottle makes it easy to hold, thus rendering the feeding process easy and convenient. The nipple of this glass feeding bottle from Chicco is made out of silicone that is it extremely supple and also highly durable.

Smart Design, Convenient Usage
The Chicco feeding bottle 150ml features a broad teat base with a vent regulation valve that promotes positive pressure-flow. As a result, air bubbles do not get into your infant's tummy. Consequently, incidences of burping, spit-up, and colic are minimized. Your little one is assured of getting good-quality breast milk or formula containing all the integral vitamins and minerals. Bottle feeding with the Chicco baby feeding bottle is the nearest thing to breastfeeding. The large teat base provides maximum support to the lips and facilitates sucking, thus mimicking the natural feeding process.

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