Kent Q6600 Car Care Microfibre Cleaning Towels

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Product Description Kent KCQ6600 Microfibre Cleaning Towels Manufacturer's Description Whether or not you enjoy cleaning your vehicle, it can be a long, tough process, where procrastination becomes a far more attractive proposition for the weekend. Therefore, having the right products at your disposal will not only make the task far more enjoyable, but you can be safe in the knowledge that the job has been done right. Mixing traditional and new technologies, Kent products are designed to give you a professional finish every time. These microfibre towels can be used dry or damp to clean your car. Microfibres are split into millions of tiny hooks that attract and lift dirt, dust and grime with ease, rather than just moving it around like traditional cotton threads. Use it dry to clean and polish, or use it damp to clean off stubborn marks leaving a streak-free finish without chemicals.
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