Monopoly Fortnite Edition

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Ages 13 and up
2 to 7 players
Fortune fans get their money!
Monopoly Fort nite is not just about land and rent,
as in the famous board game classic.
Above all, it is about survival! Because if you no longer have HP, you will be eliminated and if you are the last one in the game, you will win. 2-7 players buy properties, fight against their players with the action cube and try not to fall victim to the storm that makes the game plan ever smaller during the game. The start is spectacular: players do not start on LOS, but jump from the battle bus to any playing field! In addition, each player can choose from 27 possible outfits, find loot chests and build walls. Contents: game plan, 27 outfits with figure stand, 15 storm cards, 16 place cards, 16 Loot Chest cards, 8 wall cards, 1 number cube, 1
action cube with stickers, 110 HP chips, game instructions
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Brand Hasbro
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