Playdoh Wheels – Fire Truck

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Here comes the Play-Doh FireTruck-Roll to the rescue with this toy fire truck for kids aged 3 and up Squishy Play-Doh Fun helps them recreate their own fire rescue stories again and again
Put Out Pretend Fires with Play-Doh Water Compound: The 57 gram can of Play-Doh water compound is our classic Play-Doh compound with shades of blue swirled together to look like water
Have a Blast with the Water Cannon: Load the cannon with Play-Doh colours, then crank the handle on top of the toy truck to squeeze silly bursts of Play-Doh water
Recreate Fire-Rescue Missions: This fire truck Playset also lets kids squeeze silly fire-hoses from the back of the truck and use the moulds to make fire-fighter badges, fire hydrants and more
Five Non-Toxic Play-Doh Colours: In addition to the can of Play-Doh water compound, there are four more Fun Play-Doh colours in 57-gram cans for colourful fun again and again.
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Brand Hasbro
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