Samsung , Side by Side Refrigerator RS68A8820S9 with SpaceMax™ Technology, 609 L

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  • More space inside – same size outside


  • Choose 5 conversion modes on demand


  • Moist freshness with independent cooling



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More space inside – same size outside

SpaceMax™ Technology

Store more food with a very spacious 634 liter* interior. Unique SpaceMax™ technology uses special high-urethane insulation that enables the walls to be much thinner without compromising energy efficiency. So it creates much more storage space inside without increasing the external dimensions.

The RS8000NC with Spacemax technology can store more foods than before.

* The capacity is different for each model.

Choose 5 conversion modes on demand

Smart Conversion™

Enjoy the ultimate in flexible storage with the Smart Conversion™ feature. Using Twin Cooling technology, you can switch between 5 modes. Simply convert your freezer into a fridge to store more fresh food. Switch the fridge or freezer off* to save energy. Or use the freezer as a small fridge.

Regular(-19℃ in freezer, 3℃ in fridge), Fridge Max(both 3℃ in freezer and fridge), Vacation(-19℃ in freezer, fridge off), Energy Saving(freezer off, 3℃ in fridge), and Mini Fridge(3℃ in freezer, off fridge) modes are available with the buttons inside the RS8000NC.

* When the refrigeration or freezing functions are in off mode, the temperature of the fridge or freezer remains under 15℃ to prevent mold and odors, using low electricity. The fridge or freezer cannot be powered off independently. DO NOT STORE FOOD OR BEVERAGES IN THE REFRIGERATOR WHEN THE REFRIGERATION OR FREEZING FUNCTIONS ARE IN OFF MODE. 15℃ IS NOT COOL ENOUGH TO PREVENT SPOILAGE.

Moist freshness with independent cooling

Twin Cooling Plus™

Ensure food stays moister and fresher for two times longer*. Twin Cooling Plus™ optimizes the temperature and humidity in the fridge and freezer with independent cooling. It preserves food better and protects its flavor by preventing odors mixing.

RS8000NC has two cooling systems inside with freezing at the left side, refrigeration at the right side.

* Based on internal testing compared to a conventional cooling system.

Much more flexible wine & food storage

Rack & Shelf

Make better use of your fridge space with a multi-functional Wine Shelf. Its wider design means it can store not only standard sized, but also thicker wine bottles, like champagne. A flatter shape also makes it much more versatile, as it can hold other food, such as pizzas and egg boxes.

Compared to the 82mm high conventional model, RS8000NC’s 105mm Wine Shelf allows storing larger bottles and food.Compared to the 82mm high conventional model, RS8000NC’s 105mm Wine Shelf allows storing larger bottles and food.

Perfectly harmonious and stylish design

Built-in Look

Give your home a stylishly integrated and modern look. The Built-in Look fits perfectly with your appliances and cabinetry to create a seamless kitchen interior. And its minimalist design has flat doors, recessed handles, a Hidden Display, a flat wine shelf and gray-tinted food bins and boxes*.

The IF awarded RS8000NC with minimalist door handle is installed with cabinets in a Built-in Look.

* Optional. Only available on certain models.

Less wasted space, more food storage

Flat Duct

Get more space without compromising on performance. Unlike conventional ducts, the thin cooling vent in the rear wall is completely flat, which minimizes dead space and creates more room to store food. But it still cools and ventilates just as effectively, so everything stays fresh and tasty.

Many beverage bottles are placed inside the wider Flat Duck of RS8000NC.

Seamless accessibility

Easy access controls

Enjoy stylish, but easy control, even if you have restricted movement. The Easy access control enhances the minimalist design as it is discretely hidden inside. The controls are within arm’s reach, even from a wheelchair, and usable with one hand, ensuring better accessibility for disabled people.

The control display is located in the middle of the right compartment wall of RS8000NC.The control display is located in the middle of the right compartment wall of RS8000NC.

Less noise and energy

Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy less noise and greater energy efficiency. Unlike conventional compressors, the Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. So it’s quieter than a library, producing just 37dB(B). It also complies with new energy regulations, saving you money.

RS8000NC offers the benefits of energy savings, less noise, 21 years of reliability tested by VDE, and a 10-year warranty.

Consistent freshness

Precise Cooling

Preserve the freshness, flavor and texture of food for longer. Independent coolers in each compartment cool every corner evenly. Advanced insulation reduces any fluctuation, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Digital Inverter Technology also senses and controls the temperature precisely.

There is a graph of temperature change during cooling, and Precise Cooling is ±0.5℃.

Captures freshness

Metal Cooling

Keep food fresh, even if you frequently open and close the door. The Metal Cooling duct in the rear wall helps to maintain the optimal internal temperature. It retains the cold and prevents the loss of cool air when the door is open. And it quickly restores any heat loss when it is shut again.

Cold air flows inside the Metal Cooling compartment of RS8000NC.

More ice, more space

Indoor Ice Maker

Create more space to store more food, but still have enough ice with an Indoor Ice Maker. As it’s built into the door, it gives you extra storage by freeing up freezer shelf space, but can make and store plenty of ice. And its transparent plastic cover means you can easily see how much is left.

Ice is made in the indoor icemaker located at the top of the RS8000NC left door.

Install anywhere

Non-plumbing I&W Dispenser

Install the refrigerator anywhere without time-consuming plumbing or untidy pipes. It has a large, BPA free* water tank for its Non-plumbing Ice & Water Dispenser. So it can be installed in almost any location. And there’s no need to change the water filter regularly, saving you time and money.

* Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are often used in food and beverage containers, and has been linked with possible adverse health effects.

In RS8000NC, water is moving from the water tank to the Non-plumbing Ice & Water Dispenser.

Fast cooling and freezing on demand

Power Cool / Power Freeze

Enjoy a rapid cooling performance. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge to quickly cool your groceries or favorite drinks. Power Freeze delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food and making ice.

Cool the wine quickly in the Power Cool mode, and freeze the salmon speedily in the Power Freeze mode.
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